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Burn / Fire / Explosion

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are caused by many different types of accidents.  While most people believe the majority of burn injuries occur in house fires – that is not the case.  According to the American Burn Association’s 2012 Fact Sheet, in 2012, 69% of the reported burn injuries occurred in the home and are categorized as follows:

  • 44% fire/flame
  • 33% scald
  • 9% contact
  • 4% electrical
  •  3% chemical

Fire and flame burns tend to be seasonal in nature.  During the summer months, grilling, fire pits and camp fires tend to be leading causes of burn injuries.  During the winter months, contact with space heaters, ovens used for heating homes, wood-burning stoves and fireplace doors are leading causes.

Scald burns, unfortunately, occur all too frequently, especially among the younger and elderly populations.  Scalding bath water is a prevalent cause of burn injuries to infants and young children.

Electrical and chemical burns more frequently occur in workplace environments within the adult population.

Regardless of the cause, second and third degree burns are horrific, life-altering injuries.  Treatment necessary for burn injuries requires grafting skin from other areas of the body, if it is available or donor skin.  Many times, several grafts are required before the new skin begins to grow, leaving the human body frail and susceptible to infection, compromising the entire physiological process.

Severe burn injuries also impact the entire family.  During the initial stages of treatment, more often than not, your loved-one is in critical care, in a drug-induced coma, fighting for life.  Daily routines, child care, income – literally every facet of life, is interrupted, and may or may not return to normal for months to come.  And, when it finally does, depending on the percentage of body surface burned and the degree of burns, the word “normal” will be redefined, not only in your life, but that of your loved one.

Issues that can occur include:

  •  A significant decrease in monthly / household income
  • Health insurance issues or lack thereof
  • Families displaced because they do not live in the same city or state as the burn unit and do not have funds to pay for a hotel to be close to the loved-one
  • Interruption in daily schedules for children left behind

The Hastings Law Firm has represented numerous families of burn survivors and burn victims, with the ultimate objective of provided support and resources to the family members during burn and rehabilitative treatment.

First and foremost, the goal for your family is to prevent burn injuries and there are numerous resources below.  However, if a severe burn injury does occur, regardless of the cause, do not hesitate to call The Hastings Law Firm for legal advice or resources that may assist you through the healing process.  Any consultation, regardless of the type of injury, is free.

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