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Product Liability

Product Liability

Manufacturers have a duty and responsibility to provide consumers with products that are safe and reliable.  Unfortunately, some manufacturers disregard this responsibility in favor of cost-cutting practices such as using materials of lesser quality or ignoring essential quality control measures.  When defective products reach the marketplace, it is the consumers who pay the price for the manufacturers’ irresponsibility.  Defective products can cause serious injuries and wrongful death – and product liability laws have been enacted to provide consumers with legal protection and recourse against manufacturer negligence.  Some instances of product liability follow:

Defective Design

This is a flaw in the basic design upon which a product is manufactured.  During production, a design defect can be repeated inadvertently throughout an entire product line.  Examples of defective product designs may include toys with small parts that present choking hazards for small children or electrical appliances that catch fire during normal use.  In many cases, a product with a design defect is recalled from the market.

Defective Manufacturing

When manufacturers cut corners to reduce costs, their products can ultimately jeopardize the safety of consumers.  Defective product manufacturing results from the use of substandard materials or insufficient quality control during production.  These shortcuts can lessen the integrity of a product and result in a defective product reaching the marketplace.  For instance, a new automobile may be equipped with faulty brakes or poor-quality tires that fail in due course, causing a serious car accident.

Inadequate Warning

Products known to be potentially dangerous are required to bear warnings to consumers or include instructions for their proper and safe use.  When these warnings or instructions are absent or inadequate and consumers are injured, product liability laws provide victims with recourse to obtain financial compensation.  Prescription and over-the-counter-medications, lawn equipment, space heaters and household cleaners are some products that should include such warnings and instructions.

Defective Product Compensation

Defective products can cause serious, and potentially fatal, injuries that are often compounded by the financial hardships that both victims and their families may face.   An experienced defective product and product liability lawyer can assist individuals in obtaining compensation for:

  • Lost present and future wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • In cases involving wrongful death, victims’ spouses and children may be able to obtain compensation for loss of love and affection.
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